Take your entertainment to the next level

A new brand of entertainment is emerging. One that immerses you right at the heart of the action. This is your chance to live the action rather than watching it on a screen. Discover more from your entertainment and find the next fun thing to do with friends and family. The experiences might just blow your mind.


Competitive beverage tastings

Sit back, swirl your wine, beer or whiskey and gaze around the room. Something is different. This isn’t your standard bar scene. It’s the hunger games of tastings, Directors of the Extraordinary style. Get a bit more Out of the Bottle and discover your new addiction.

Competitive Beverage Tastings

Don’t watch a movie, live the movie

Many hours of movie watching have prepared you well. It’s time to take the next step and be hero in the movie. With so many epic adventures to live, keep an eye on the larger-than-life, pop up Directors of the Extraordinary experiences that will be a highlight of your year!

Live zombie adventure game

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