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Take your conference activities to the next level

Your conference needs to stand out and it’s all about providing an exceptional delegate experience. With so many parts of a conference experience to organise, make sure you are building in genuine stand out moments that will be talked about for years to come.

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Elevating participant engagement

The conferences and major events calendar is getting more and more crowded, but at the same time, delegates expect more from their conference experience. No longer are some high profile keynote speakers and good food at a networking function enough to stand out. Delegates are looking for those moments of that stand out and stimulate new connections, experiences or moments insight that demand new approaches to engagement. We see every interaction, from registration to networking as an opportunity to create these stand-out moments.

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Messing with the program

Have you ever been to one of those conferences that just sticks to the program? Everything is standard and it’s easy to work on autopilot. The problem is people forget those conferences as soon as they have happened. We take a new, creative approach to programming that looks to disrupt people’s expectations with proven approaches that force the “hang-on, that’s different” reaction. Hard wired to outcomes, these experiences will lead to more fun, more connections, more learning and more referrals for your conference.

Group of guests at photo wall during beer tasting event

Elements of a conference that can be made more interactive:

Participant arrival and registrationActivate your registration process in new ways with our creative theming and entrance experiences
NetworkingBring more interactive approaches to networking through more curated and entertaining approaches
Market places and stallsActivate your industry marketplace in new ways through gamifying discovery and elevating stall experiences
Iconic public spacesBring a site to life with stand alone activations that keep energy high
Side eventsCreate memorable and exclusive side events from our range of exceptional experiences
Gala dinnersElevate gala dinners with new forms of engagement and unique table styling

Most popular conference activities

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Our talented event staff (we call them legends) will guide you through every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible result for your conference. The great thing is that getting a quote is quick and easy, just fill out the form below.

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