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For learning experiences that redefine ‘engaging’

Unique, evidence-based professional development programs and interactive school activities that pair fun with function to capture the hearts and minds  of staff and students alike.


Professional development

To unify admin, teachers and support staff.

Let your team discover their hidden talents while honing their creative problem solving and collaboration skills with interactive PD experiences that are anything but ordinary.

Group of girls solving puzzle during incursion activity

Student events & activities

For primary and secondary students.

Make your next student incursion or orientation day extraordinary with our fun and fast-paced evidence-based programs founded in proven peer and game-learning theory.

Most popular teachers & students activities

Spy vs spy dynamic team competition

Unleash your inner spy with this puzzles to solve, money to make, deals to strike and resources to manage.

Detective puzzle solving team challenge

Get your detective hat on to investigate one of Queensland’s oldest cold cases in this detailed crime solving extravaganza.

Fast paced puzzle solving extravaganza

Strategy and team work will be the deciding factor of who will win this high energy student incursion activity.

Our school programs exceed staff, student and parent expectations with spectacularly entertaining & unique experiences that deliver proven learning outcomes.

School teachers solving puzzle during PD exercise

Serious learning, presented in a seriously fun way

While our approach is founded in science, our programs are anything but textbook. We mix game theory, creativity, problem solving and outcome-focused facilitation, deeply engaging your school cohort. Importantly, by leveraging peer learning we’re able to guide shared experiences, social learning opportunities that underpin positive cultural change to captivate even the most disengaged students or sceptical staff members.

Students solving river crossing puzzle during incursion

Interactive events that pair fiction with function

As you well know, you can fast track effective learning by making things fun! Curiosity and enjoyment are powerful tools that drive engagement, and encourage knowledge retention. In a school context, this is just as true for teachers in their professional development as it is for students learning the curriculum. That’s why we focus on creating extraordinary experiences that deliver!

Students solving river crossing puzzle during incursion
Reading a book with other players in the background

Smart investment, big results

Directors of the Extraordinary have already helped many of Australia’s top schools and learning institutions to engage their staff and students with extraordinary school incursions and professional development events. Travelling to your school, we deliver a high-quality experience in a familiar environment without the cost of time and transport. Enjoy guaranteed results with a healthy sprinkling of extraordinary!

School events that work for you

Groups big & smallCatering for a wide range of group sizes, without compromising quality
Flexible formatsExperiences that can fit into your day - before, during or after school, and even multi-session days.
We come to youSave on transport with all experiences able to be set up in any classroom or space of your choosing.

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