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Enhancing and activating your events

You have a date, a format and a venue but you want to take your event to the next level. Consider a range of event activations with an interactive twist to bring your occasion to life and have your guests talking for months afterwards.

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Interaction, interaction, interaction

In a world where limitless entertainment is now at our fingertips, the bar has been raised for events. The key is involving your guests. Creating new and novel ways for people to be involved can elevate your event, creating new conversations and insta-worthy moments that will be talked about for months to come.

Guests celebrating during an Out of the Bottle event

Enhancing your event; not being the event

The Event Activation series of experiences is designed to activate your events in different ways without taking over. A clever use of interactive stations, a roving photographer, table talking points or a clever way of making a collective decision can all augment a dinner, cocktail or conference event in dynamic ways.

Guests celebrating during an Out of the Bottle event

Choose from the menu of interactive event activations

The Activated Fringe

Bring your event to life around a dinner, conference or major showcase with interactive stations and engaging interactions that will delight your guests.

Interactive Photographer

Your guests will be entertained as our roaming photographer and side-kick makes sure they are looking suave! Resulting in a well-rounded and fun series of photos, you will look back on your event with pride!

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Out of the Bottle stations

There’s nothing like a sprinkling of competition to lift the energy and interaction of your next corporate event. With this series of competitive beverage tasting, accessible throughout the evening, your guests won’t be left twiddling their thumbs or making idle small talk. Instead, make your event the talking point of the year with this activation.

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Gamified desert stations

Inject some connection and fun; nothing motivates like a competition. All in good fun, this will bring your guests together in a new way without taking over your whole event! Watch as they taste their way into glory and egg each other on!

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Table Talkers

Activate dinner conversation with a series of opt-in, table-based experiences that will bring your event to life without taking up MC airtime.

Dining Trivia

Combining a sit-down meal with trivia is a no brainer! Alleviating the pressure for ongoing small talk and providing a connection point to strengthen or create relationships is at the heart of this rolling trivia experience that occurs over the course of a sit down event.

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Table Selfie Stream

Inject some fun to your sit down dinner with a rolling set of table sephie challenges projected seamlessly to screens around the room.  Facilitated through our tablet technology and complete with photo props, the live selphie stream runs in the background but brings a playful edge to any event, connecting tables and starting conversations.

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Collective Decisions

Put your guests in the centre of action with collective decision making experiences that will build excitement and buy in decisions such as which charity to support or the location of your next retreat.

Taste to Triumph

With a range of interactive tasting stations, your guests will be challenged to earn digital currency across the evening to contribute to their preferred option. Bring collective decisions to life with something deliciously fun.

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Casino Royale

Your team will be using all their charm, smarts and competitive edge to earn coin to influence the decision to be made! Using competition and interaction as key elements, everyone will have a blast at our interactive game stations to increase their purse that will be used to choose which decision to back, be it which charity, Christmas party theme or any other decision.

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