2 men cheering after winning in 1920s party game

Gatsby theme glamour of the 1920s awaits you

Enter the roaring 1920s for an unforgettable Gatsby themed party night! In this casino game, you’ll interact with Gatsby’s staff, gamble you way to fortune, puzzle out the mystery and with some luck and wit, maybe even become a millionaire!

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Discover the fun & mystery of a Gatsby party

Glitz and glam your way through a cocktail evening like no other. The Gatsby Gamble immerses you in a high energy world full of fun, mystery and intrigue. You and your guests won’t help but be swept into the action of the gambling games, the mystery of the forged artworks and the interaction with Gatsby’s staff.

Guests laughing at a Blackjack table during Gatsby gambling night

This Gatsby themed event is in your hands

Are you going to play your cards straight or be enticed into some backhanded deals? With a fortune to be won and a multitude of options, who is going to walk away filthy rich from the biggest auction of the year?

Guests laughing at a Blackjack table during Gatsby gambling night
2 men cheering after winning in 1920s party game

High energy Gatsby theme; high casino fun

Raise the energy of your event with the Gatsby Gamble. With charismatic characters, casino games and action aplenty all set to a popping electro swing soundtrack, this event will draw everybody in. Your people will talk about this event for months to come.

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How the Gatsby Gamble works

Gamble to glory

Use your Gatsby casino chips to earn as much coin as possible at the variety of gambling stations.

Unravel the mystery

There is art on display, but not all of it is genuine. Find and solve all the hidden clues to identify what’s real and what’s not.

Beg, bribe or steal

Form alliances and trade secrets. Collecting the right cards and information can gain you a big advantage.

Win the fortune

Use your gambling winnings to bid against other players in an art auction that will crown the ultimate winners.

Choose your level of involvement

With so much to do, look at and take part in, you and your guests choose how you want to be involved. Whether it’s betting hard on the Blackjack table, solving the mysteries of the artworks or just chilling at the bar, it’s up to you. You’re guaranteed to be drawn into the fun, though.

Make a big impression

The Gatsby Gamble is guaranteed to make a big impact. Blow your guest away with a social event like they’ve never seen before and rediscover what a social event can be.

Fun at the core

Fun is the name of the game in the night-of-nights. Plenty of action, excitement and frivolity will abound with casino games to gamble at, characters to interact with, mysteries to solve, deals to strike and money to be won. Nobody will be bored or left out.

Made to fit your event

Whether it’s a cocktail evening, awards night, 3 course dinner or post-work drinks, Gatsby Gamble is designed to flex to your needs. Being portable, it will come to you for use in almost any space. The requirements are low, but the quality is high.

A Gatsby themed event perfect for your next:

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