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Trivia nights with extra awesome

Twist up an old classic with 6 rounds of head scratching laughs. This is an interactive, puzzle based, media rich take on everyone’s favourite social activity. Perfect for any social occasion, Twisted Trivia will get everyone engaged, laughing and shouting answers too loudly.

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Made for everyone

The challenge with any social or team building event is ensuring that everyone is going to get something out of it. From the quiet observer to the competitive extrovert, the perfect event will engage absolutely everybody.  With a variety of ways to get involved and a broad spectrum of trivia content, Twisted Trivia has been designed with engagement and fun front and centre.

2 women solving a card puzzle during team building activity

Way beyond regular trivia

Over 6 crowd pleaser rounds your guests will compete in teams to take out the Twisted Trivia crown. Using the latest technology, teams will have their own tablet with a variety of video, music and interactivity to spice up the experience. A live leaderboard, hands on puzzles and all-in challenges makes this truly a twisted version of the old classic.

2 women solving a card puzzle during team building activity
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Surprising with many laughs

Designed to surprise and delight, there is something for everyone in this game of strategy, general knowledge and inter-team fun. Being able to mess with other teams guarantees many laughs.

How Twisted Trivia works

6 trivia rounds

With topics such as movies, music, celebrities and pop culture, there are questions for everybody.

Solve the puzzles

As well as trivia, teams are challenged with physical, hands on puzzles to earn bonus points!

Climb the leaderboard

A live digital leaderboard will show who’s winning and who needs more practice.

Sabotage your competition

Gain an advantage by playing a sabotage on your opponent, hampering them for a round.

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