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Put yourself at the centre of extraordinary experiences

Step into the lead role. Being at the heart of the action means you and your team experience more connection, reward, understanding and wonder. Be surrounded by a unique fusion of story, gaming, technology, theatre and world creation that will shift your perspective on what is possible.

Gatsby Gamble logo with woman laughing

Gatsby Gamble

The glamour of the 1920s awaits you

Enter the roaring 1920s for an unforgettable social experience! You’ll interact with Gatsby’s staff gamble your way to fortune, puzzle out the mystery and with some luck and wit, maybe even become a millionaire!

Out of the Bottle logo with guests drinking wine

Out of the Bottle

Classy and contagiously fun alcohol tastings

Tastings just got a whole lot more entertaining! Out of the Bottle puts you in the middle of an unfolding competition to see who has the ultimate taste.

Out of the Bottle logo with guests drinking wine
Taste Masters competitive food tastings

Taste Masters

Food Tastings taken to the next level

The ultimate foodie experience with cheese, chocolate, ice cream, coffee or tea. Challenge your crew with a test of the taste buds!

Twisted Trivia experience

Twisted Trivia

Trivia with extra awesome

Experience how the crowd pleasing trivia can be twisted up with extra puzzles, sabotage and technology. A sure fire way to entertain your crowd in any social event.

Twisted Trivia experience
Mastership Game logo with team solving a puzzle

Mastership Game

Fun, secretive and fast-paced

The ultimate team verse team competition of international espionage and sly spy-craft. Expect twists and turns in the battle to crown the world’s best intelligence team!

Train Heist logo with team doing team building activity

Train Heist

Investigate one of Australia’s famous mysteries

Become a detective in this interactive learning and development experience inspired by one of Australia’s oldest cold cases. All your skills will be necessary in the race against your fellow detectives.

Train Heist logo with team doing team building activity
Event Activations experience

Event Activations

Adding more fun and interaction

Enhance your next event with smaller interactive stations that will inject a whole lot of life into your conference, festival, dinner or other event. Guaranteed smiles and plenty of conversation.

Puzzle Masters logo with students doing an activity

Puzzle Masters

Unique student incursion

A fun team challenge where nimble minds and great team work will win the day. Compete head-to-head in a race for the most points gained by solving puzzles of varying difficulty on a customised tablet app.

Puzzle Masters logo with students doing an activity

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