Activate your L&D programs

You have scarce time and resources to develop your people, so making investments count really matters. Working with participants at the centre of every learning experience seems natural but is difficult to achieve. Activate your programs with targeted, people focussed engagements.

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Engagement is the key to learning

Many programs focus on top-notch content but few really consider how to truly activate the learning process to bring the content alive. With waning attention spans and more skeptical audiences, boring powerpoints and outdated anecdotes no longer cut it. We specialise in combining theory and excellence in facilitation, with truly unique ways of putting participants in the centre of the learning process.

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll learn”
– Benjamin Franklin
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Focus on moments of discovery

When professional development really works, participants leave with a ‘work-altering-realisation’. These ah-ha moments of discovery is what we are 100% focused on; but it’s both an art and a science. The science that underpins Directors of the Extraordinary programs is the unique combination of interactive stimulus, theory and reflection; the art is using facilitation to draw out that moment of discovery that can change everything.

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Learning themes

All of our programs are built around interactive learning. Some of our most popular programs themes include:


How to lead with confidence and style.

Working with ambiguity

How to operate in complex environments.

Communication and conflict

How to communicate and work with conflict.

Creative problem solving

How to work with a creative growth mindset.

Values and culture

How to build a value-driven culture.

Team effectiveness

How to deepen trust, understanding and team performance.

Human centered design

How to design for customer engagement and delight.

Innovation at the center

How to work with an innovation mindset.

Common delivery formats

The 2 hour learning activationBuilt around a high energy simulation these sessions zero in on a learning theme through a targeted debrief and learning theory.
The half day programSpread over 4 hours the half day program digs deeper into a theme through fusing learning theory with high impact simulations and facilitated discussion. Adding personality profiling can deepen personal reflection and moments of discovery.
Full day immersionA full day immersion opens up the option of taking on two learning themes or going deeper into how a theme translates into your workplace. With time to talk theory, application and activate the learning through simulations a full day program can be a powerful catalyst for change.

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