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Organisational Culture

Our Organisational Culture workshops develop the fundamentals of culture – shared purpose, values and a customer-obsessed mindset.

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Strengthen the foundations of your organisation and build more collective action towards better outcomes for your business and customers.

Culture is a key driving force of behaviour, so working on it is incredibly important. Through refocussing on how you and your staff live out your organisation’s values and collective purpose, you can build living behaviours aligned to your vision.

This series of workshops breaks open aspects of organisation and culture to uncover new insights into collective purpose, values-based behaviours, the customer experience and human centred design.

How we deliver

Through a proven, evidence-based approach, our workshops transform layers of important information into knowledge that sticks.

We do this by activating the content – bringing information to life by helping your team create personal connections to important concepts.

We do this to establish the neural pathways that create ‘aha moments’, underpinned by peer learning and personal discovery. Embedding the content in this way encourages knowledge retention and lasting cultural change.


Reconnecting with organisational purpose

Activate your organisational purpose to increase staff engagement, help align decision making at all levels and better customer service.

84% of executives believe and organisation that has a shared purpose will be more successful in transformational efforts.  Harvard Business Review

  • Staff engaged through organisational purpose
  • Behaviours and positions linked to broader mission
  • Aligned decision making
  • The importance of relationships with customers and other stakeholders

People love working for something bigger! Purpose creates energy in your business and builds a positive culture.

This workshop is designed to activate an organisation’s purpose, vision and mission for all members of your organisation.  Taking these foundational concepts out of the boardroom and off the staff-room noticeboard, this workshop will focus on dynamically unpacking what your organisation aspires to be for staff, customers, suppliers and as a broader corporate or not for profit.

An activated organisational purpose shows up in staff engagement, more aligned decision making at all levels and in better customer service.

Core Outcomes

Staff understanding of organisational purpose  |  Behaviours and positions linked to broader mission  |  Engaged staff  |  Aligned decision making  |  Understanding the importance of relationships with customers and other stakeholders

Building values based behaviours in the workplace

Strengthen your organisational foundation through defining values and bringing them alive in behaviours to change how you work.

Only 23% of U.S. employees strongly agree that they can apply their organization’s values to their work every day.   Gallup

  • Engaging and embedding organisational values
  • Building your values base
  • Behaviours that support values
  • Creating connection through common values

90% of organisations who have core values never operationalise them. Their staff either cannot recall them or are unsure what role they play in their day to day. [Bréne Brown, Dare to Lead]

This workshop will engage your team in exploring what role your organisational values play, creating personal connection to them to ensure they are memorable and useful.  From this point the focus will be on what behaviours are going to support the lived realisation of these values day to day. Organisations who have this set themselves up for success with the foundations in place to work towards greater employee retention, engagement and purpose driven behaviour.

Core Outcomes

Fundamental understanding of the place of organisational values and why they are important  |  New or redefined organisational values  |  Stronger staff connection with values in terms of behaviours and workplace norms  |  Identified organisational behaviours against values  |  Identified opportunities to continue to build your values base  |  Your team connecting with each other to identify common purposes within the workplace

Making the customer experience extraordinary

Build stronger customer connections and conversions through understanding and moments of delight.

74% of business-to-business customers and 63% of consumers will pay more for a great experience.  Sales Force

  • Rethinking customer personas
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Exploring pain points and opportunities on the customer journey
  • Nurturing empathy and compassion to enhance the customer journey
  • Action plan to activate your customers

Your customers are your most important asset, but do you know who they are and how to win them over for life?

This workshop will engage your team in exploring who your customers are, understanding their motivators, influences and most important touch points. Through building empathetic ties to your customers, your team will unpack pain points as well as opportunities to engage them further through surprise and delight.

Walking away with an action plan to implement learnings, your team will be united in their approach to the full customer journey.

Core Outcomes

Built out key customer personas  |  Fully established customer journeys  |  Identified pain points and opportunities on the customer journey  |  Heightened level of empathy and compassion amongst team members  |  Action plan to further win over your customers

Discovering human centred design

A creative approach to better problem-solving, product and experience design by putting people front and centre.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

  • Understanding the Human-Centred Design process
  • Applying design thinking at all levels
  • Creative thinking
  • Practice creative techniques
  • Creating a culture of rapid prototyping and innovation

This HCD workshop is an intensive, hands-on learning experience that will challenge you to think differently, get out of your chair and out into the real world to talk to people and test your ideas.

Participants will leave the workshop equipped with tools and thinking approaches that can be used across industries, sectors, and geographies to generate breakthrough ideas.

Drawing on the best available theory, exercises and tools with a distinctly “DoE” flair this workshop will trigger all sort of ideas and new ways of thinking!

Core Outcomes

Understanding the Human Centred Design process  |  Applying design thinking at all levels  |  Creative thinking  |  Practice creative techniques  | Creating a culture of rapid prototyping and innovation

Common delivery formats

The 2-hour learning activation

Built around interactive activations, these sessions zero in on a learning theme through learning theory, audience discussion & reflection and targeted debriefs.

The half day program

Spread over 4 hours the half day program digs deeper into a theme through fusing learning theory with high impact simulations and facilitated discussions.

The full day immersion

A full day immersion opens up the option of taking on two learning themes or delving deeper into how a theme translates into your workplace. With time to talk theory, application and activate the learning through simulations a full day program can be a powerful catalyst for change.

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