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Unique team building activities that unleash hidden potential

Reinvigorate and refocus your people with  interactive team building experiences that bring everyone together.


Be the office hero

Mentioning ‘team building activities’ often leads to audible groans and eye-rolls around the office. And that’s understandable. In the past, team building activities have often been either corny, boring or failed to involve everyone.

But you’ll find none of that here. We’ve listened, learnt and taken action to create unique events that teams love. And with everyone fully engaged and having a great time, we’re yet to see a single eye roll.

Every Directors of the Extraordinary experience is designed to be extremely fun, deeply engaging and accessible to everyone. Surprise your team by organising something completely unexpected for an experience they’ll be talking about for months!

Most popular team building activities

Spy vs spy team building competition

Unleash your inner spy with this puzzles to solve, money to make, deals to strike and resources to manage.

Detective puzzle solving team challenge

Get your detective hat on to investigate one of Queensland’s oldest cold cases in this detailed crime solving extravaganza.

Disarm the bomb… time is ticking

Save the day by solving the clues, managing your time and beating your competition in this hands-on movie come to life.

Dynamic Stock Trading Game

Step onto the trading floor and earn a fortune in this stock market inspired game filled with twists and turns.

The secret ingredient for team building that works?


And that's our specialty.

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Building success through people and connection

It’s the people that make any business successful, so we’re focused on creating unique ways to help your team connect and grow, while having a great time.

Help your team discover each other’s hidden talents (and some of their own) while sharpening their creative problem solving and collaboration skills for the kind of positive culture that gets noticed.

Be it breaking down silos or crafting moments of discovery and growth, we create team building days that give your people the opportunity to band together to overcome challenges, achieve goals and see each other’s strengths – in a fun and fast-paced format.

Players sabotaging each other in competitive wine tasting game

Fun meets function to engage the whole team

Successful team building means engaging the whole team. From bringing the quiet observers out of their shell to helping the lone wolves re-join the pack, our experiences build and bond. #becausenobodygetsleftbehind

Players sabotaging each other in competitive wine tasting game
Team winning in Train Heist team building experience

Experiences that gamify the learning process

Our experiences are unique challenge-based activities with a foundation in behavioural psychology, evidence-based peer learning and game theory. From sneaky ‘spy vs spy’ subterfuge to a game of wits solving Queensland’s oldest true crime cold case, gamification of critical team building skills will take your crew on a wild ride that matches laughter with learning and leadership.

Woman smiling during team building activity

Co-create a winning team culture

Set your business up for success with team building that drives lasting and positive change through tangible, hands-on, unique experiences. Directors of the Extraordinary help your team forge stronger bonds, stimulate lasting learning and absorb new skills that translate into better performance and happier employees empowered to play a role in creating a positive work culture.

Woman smiling during team building activity

Corporate events that work for you

Groups big & smallCatering for a wide range of group sizes, without compromising quality
Flexible formatsExperiences that can fit into your format - anything from a stand alone event to a 3 course dinner
We come to youAll experiences are portable and can be set up in any venue, office or space of your choosing

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