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Mastership Game: Interactive Spy Game

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The ultimate spy vs spy competition

Fun, secretive and fast-paced, Mastership Game is a spy game of espionage between teams in the ultimate strategy challenge. Expect twists and turns as we look to crown the world’s best intelligence team!

Top outcomes

Identify team strengths  |  Improve communication & collaboration  |  Creative problem solving

1/1.5 hours
We come to you
Indoors, seated

Time to get your espionage game on!

This experience is all about channelling your inner spy.

Mastership Game calls for a serious amount of out-of-the box thinking, team work and maybe some sneaky espionage if you want to be crowned the world’s best intelligence agency. You can expect your whole team to be engaged and having a blast in this strategic spy experience where nothing is as it seems!

A team building activity that fits into many use formats:
  • Conferences
  • Social events
  • Team Building days

Get ready to solve spy puzzles, negotiate backdoor deals and feel like a secret agent. Designed to break open team dynamics and create a rich platform for learning, Mastership Game is the perfect activity for your next event:

Team Building Events  |  Conferences  |  Team Bonding Events  |  Professional Development  |  EOFY Events  |  Social Club Events

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How Mastership Game works

Complete your missions & jobsDeploy all your intelligence and spy skills to complete a series of missions and get yourself in the running for victory.
Earn as much money as you canOnly the team with the most money will claim the win. Complete espionage jobs to earn your team as much money as possible.
Strike deals with the BlackmarketWheel and deal with the blackmarket to acquire the resources you need to complete your jobs.
Negotiate & hustle to victoryThis is a game of espionage… do what you need to win – but there will be repercussions if you're caught!

Guaranteed engagement

With a smart combination of theme, competition and intrigue, your people will be engaged from the first moment. Mastership Game takes team building activities to the next level. Your team will be reminiscing about their epic spy moments for weeks to come. You may even have some surprises who emerges during the activity.

Big wow, small planning

With very easy-to-plan requirements – table, chairs and AV, Mastership Game is easy to run anywhere but doesn’t compromise on quality. We bring everything that is required to you, including wow factor. Your team will be love it as they make backhanded deals and solve spy game puzzles.

Achieve your goals

Whether you want to discover more about communication styles, leadership qualities, performance under pressure – or just have fun – Mastership Game will deliver a quality platform to achieve your objectives. Pair it with a personality profiling or in-depth debrief for extra learnings.

Inject energy and learning into your day

Your conference, team building day or celebration event can be activated with an interactive experience. Mastership Game runs for a discreet 1.5 hours so it’s perfect to add the energy, laughter and movement that you need.

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Event Add-ons

MBA students sitting in a team building workshop

Extended Debriefs

Deep dive into a topic of your choice with a debrief off the back of our team building experiences to really harness the power of interactive learning. Debriefs go for 30 minutes.

Select from:

  • Collaboration & healthy competition
  • Responses to stress & how to overcome them
  • Problem solving under time constraints
  • Negotiation & leveraging relationships
Group of people doing personality profiling at a table

Personality Insights

Profiling is a powerful tool used to accelerate learning & understanding of working preferences, communication styles and natural skill sets.

A facilitated discovery session will go into detail about personality types, how these played out in the simulation, lessons that can be drawn and how an awareness of personality types can aid in day-to-day team dynamics.

Strategy is the name of this spy experience

No-one will be standing still with missions to complete, money to make and negotiations taking place. There really is something for everyone in this fast-paced team spy experience. The best teams will work together to overcome each challenge, making sure they are the winners at the end of the day. Energy, fun and learning are truly front and centre in this dynamic experience of spy craft.

Learn the secret skills of your team

Nothing like a bit of time pressure, dynamic challenges and inter-team negotiations to showcase the different strengths of your team members. This experience is designed to bring out the best of those around you to get your team on top! Being a fun and different experience allows participants to fully engage with the skills they use within the workplace and those you might not see every day.

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