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Learning & Development workshop series

Team Performance

Our Team Performance workshops develop the fundamentals of high-performing teams – diversity, communication, conflict management and working creatively.

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Hack how your team and organisation works, pressure testing whether there are more effective ways of building your team and your teams’ performance.

With ever increasing complexity in our world and workplaces, new approaches are needed to ensure team performance. This series of workshops breaks open aspects of teams to uncover new insights around structure, problem solving, ambiguity and communication.

How we deliver

Through a proven, evidence-based approach, our workshops transform layers of important information into knowledge that sticks.

We do this by activating the content – bringing information to life by helping your team create personal connections to important concepts.

We do this to establish the neural pathways that create ‘aha moments’, underpinned by peer learning and personal discovery. Embedding the content in this way encourages knowledge retention and lasting cultural change.


Building effective teams

Unlock your teams’ performance with a new mindset, tools and insights that will take your team from good to great.

“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”  Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder

  • New insights into team diversity, strengths and personality preferences
  • Harnessing attributes of high performing teams
  • Practical approaches to conflict management and accountability
  • Building connection through common purpose

Great teams start with understanding what sets them apart. In exploring diversity, strengths and weaknesses alongside strategic team formation you will improve productivity and output to level up.

This workshop will engage your team in exploring the dynamics at play with the purpose to use insights to move towards change. In building an environment of psychological safety, your team will explore how to approach conflict, tension and accountability.

Profiling tools will break down walls of misunderstanding and provide those ever valuable ’ah-ha’ moments to truly move toward effective workplace relationships that will naturally translate into greater productivity.

Core Outcomes

New insights into team diversity, strengths and personality preferences | New awareness about the attributes of high performing teams | Practical approaches to managing conflict and accountability | Your team connecting with each other and identify common purposes within the workplace

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)
Creative problem solving

Build creative and analytical processes to support effective problem solving and stakeholder management in resource-constrained environments.

In light of current economic and technological shifts, in 2020 the top 3 skills that companies want from employees are complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.  World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs

  • Awareness of mindsets and biases
  • Problem-solving approaches – an expanded view
  • New tools and processes
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Leveraging diversity in problem-solving
  • New conversations in established teams

How your teams approach problems in time and resource constrained environments should be both a creative and analytical process.

This workshop focuses on the Creative Problem Solving process during a fast- paced, hands-on, minds-on workshop.  Combining structured problem solving approaches, agile methodologies and creative ideation processes this workshop pushes the boundaries of how we think and approach complex problems.

Focused on individual and team learning, this workshop is perfect for experience-hacking how teams and organisations work, pressure testing whether there are more effective ways of tackling time and resource pressured problems in the workplace.

Core Outcomes

Awareness of mindsets and biases  |  Expanded view of ways of approaching problems  |  New tools and processes  |  Creative thinking skills  |  Stronger appreciation of diversity  |  New conversations in established teams

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)
Working with ambiguity

Develop the right mindset for working effectively in ambiguous environments and times of change.

In a study of 1500 CEOs worldwide their #1 challenge is increasing complexity.  IMB CEO Survey

  • New perspectives on working with ambiguity
  • Self-awareness and mindset
  • Practical tools and processes
  • Practical training for thinking differently
  • Supporting teams in challenging circumstances

Being comfortable and confident in times of change and uncertainty is a skill that will pay off many times over for managers.

Dealing with change makes many uncomfortable – but there are tools, techniques and approaches you can use to become more confident when dealing with ambiguity.  This workshop focuses on developing the mindset needed to work effectively in VUCA environments (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).

Drawing on theory and examples from the military, psychology and management science, this workshop is a hands on journey into how we think and act when we don’t have all the facts.  From learning about situations you can and can’t control to confident decision-making and effective communication, having a core toolkit for dealing with ambiguity is an essential leadership skill.

Core Outcomes

New perspective on working with ambiguity  |  Self awareness of mindset  |  Practical tools and processes  |  Practice thinking differently  |  New conversations in teams about working through challenging circumstances

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)
Enhancing communication and conflict resolution

Create a positive and productive workplace culture through effective communication.

57% of employees report not being given clear directions and 69% of managers are not comfortable communicating with their employees.  Harvard Business Review

  • Communication profiling
  • Harnessing your team communication profile matrix
  • New insights into personal communication defaults and blind spots
  • Frameworks for effective communication and feedback

Effective communication is a cornerstone to workplace culture, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Holding space to understand what it takes to communicate well within the workplace is a vital element in moving teams forward in all areas.

This workshop will engage your team in exploring communication styles, conversation defaults and response types in order to increase understanding of personal preferences and how they interplay within the other members of the team.

With this understanding your team will work through tools and exercises to reduce conflict points, enhance effective communication and understand frameworks to positive conflict resolution.

Core Outcomes

Completed individual communication style profiles  |  Matrix of team communication styles  |  New insights into personal communication defaults and blind spots  |   Frameworks for effective communication and feedbacks

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)

Common delivery formats

The 2-hour learning activation

Built around interactive activations, these sessions zero in on a learning theme through learning theory, audience discussion & reflection and targeted debriefs.

The half day program

Spread over 4 hours the half day program digs deeper into a theme through fusing learning theory with high impact simulations and facilitated discussions.

The full day immersion

A full day immersion opens up the option of taking on two learning themes or delving deeper into how a theme translates into your workplace. With time to talk theory, application and activate the learning through simulations a full day program can be a powerful catalyst for change.

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