Students during school incursion activity

High energy, active student incursion

Make your next student activity extraordinary with this school incursion activity for leadership, learning, team building or enrolment screening.

Students solving river crossing puzzle during incursion

Engage maximum engagement

Puzzle Masters will draw your whole cohort into a fun team challenge where nimble minds will win the day. Teams go head-to-head in a race for the most points gained by solving puzzles of varying difficulty on a customised tablet app.

Team of students working on space themed puzzle

You can learn anything if it’s fun

Centred around competition and puzzle solving, your students will be busy having fun. What they’ll really be doing is putting to practice their critical and creative thinking capabilities and their myriad of learning area skills through practical and physical problem solving.

Team of students working on space themed puzzle
Group of girls solving puzzle during incursion activity

Build social skills and team work

As a team activity with a touch of pressure, your students will have the opportunity to improve their team work, group problem solving, leadership, communication and social skills. It’s the prefect activity from which to draw reflective learnings.

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How Puzzle Masters works

Form teams

Form your students into teams of 3-6. They could be in groups of friends or mix it up to test and form new social bonds.

Receive resources

Each team receives a tablet, map and working out paper. Their tablet will be their companion through the experiences where they earn points and access clues.

Find and solve puzzles

Students use the map to locate the 20 puzzles scattered throughout the play area. Some are hard and some are easy so strategy and team work are key.

Earn points

Students must earn as many points as possible to take out the victory. Great team work, keen minds and a dash of strategy are what will win the day.

Building curriculum capabilities

In line with current research, fun, game-based play is highly effective in learning. In the complex and challenging environment that Puzzle Masters creates, students have the opportunity to develop Australian Curriculum capabilities.

Flexible for your goals

Puzzle Masters can fit into the variety of purposes you may have. From pre-enrolment screening to leadership development or just a fun afternoon activity,  you can be sure your objectives will be fulfilled and students will have a blast.

Built on custom technology

We’ve designed and built an app from the ground up specifically to facilitate our experiences. This has been done this with your students in mind to give them the most fun and compelling school incursion. Every aspect of the app can be customised to your school and your needs. We even bring the devices.

Make it easy for yourself

Save on the costs and logistics of travel; as an incursion activity we come to your school or a venue of your choosing and can use almost any space. With the experience only taking 1.5 hours, you don’t need to take extensive time out of class to achieve great results.

Students building a vessel for a water carrying challenge

Upgrade to even more extraordinary

Add on the Great Divide to further challenge problem solving skills. Teams use points gained from the puzzles to purchase materials to engineer a bridge across a span. Judged upon 3 different factors, the best bridges win!

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