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Welcome to extraordinary, designed

The world is demanding more from entertainment and learning.

In every domain, expectations are changing as our society shifts to an experience economy. Creators, businesses and educators alike are realising that people are craving to be at the heart of every experience. This calls for a new type of thinking and experience design.

At Directors of the Extraordinary, we create extraordinary, fun experiences that deliver more for our clients.

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Our secret sauce

We are experience crafters.

The secret sauce to successful immersive experiences is a design process that collides narrative, technology, gaming, environment and theatrics in the way that put people in the centre of a deeply integrated experience.

Combined with an uncompromising commitment to only creating the highest fidelity experiences – this is our secret sauce.

We believe there is virtually no people-centric business, learning or entertainment challenge that can’t be solved by smart interaction design.

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A little bit of our story

Directors of the Extraordinary (DoE) was born out of a desire to explore and create.  

Founded by four siblings – Matt, Simon, Giovanna and Paul Shakhovskoy – Directors of the Extraordinary found its’ origins in a creative collaboration that quickly led to the establishment of the largest escape room in Brisbane. Building on the success of this first venture, the founder team turned their attention to other formats, rapidly developing a new genre of interactive entertainment and learning experiences that quickly found a following.

Experimenting broadly with large immersive experiences such as Containment, intricate learning programs such as gamifying a major pharmaceutical conference and surprising new takes on traditional experiences such as wine tasting, our story is captured in what we have created.

What we discovered along the way is a genuine belief that there is virtually no people-centric business, learning or entertainment challenge that can’t be solved by smart interaction design. The business that emerged is both complex and simple:

  • Creating extraordinary experiences through our multidisciplinary Design Lab
  • Delivering a range of packaged and custom experiences through our talented events team
  • Extending access to some of this magic through our growing network of licensing partners, and
  • Finding every opportunity to continue to challenge the conventional and bring a little more magic to people’s experiences of work, learning and play.
Shakhovskoy siblings standing in front of brick wall

Our biggest metrics for success are in the subtle reactions of our clients, delivering moments of discovery, delight and connection that are impossible not to share.

Meet the team

Our values

More Fun
More Pioneering
More Professional
More Empowered
More Connected

Working in the fields of

  • Corporate team building & team bonding
  • Education incursions & professional development
  • Large and small scale public entertainment offerings
  • Site activations and bringing stories to life
  • Custom interactive and immersive design

Crafting extraordinary experiences

We craft experiences that move people from observers to contributors where they experience MORE connection, reward, understanding & wonder.

We are dedicated to creating unique offerings where only the extraordinary will do.

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