Team succeeding in a fun team building activity

Step into your role as detective

Become a detective in this interactive learning and development experience inspired by one of Queensland’s oldest cold cases, the Great Cloncurry Train Heist. All your skills will be necessary in the race against your fellow detectives.

Kit of Train Heist team building activity set up

Sherlock eat your heart out

Your team will be injected into the heart of one of Australia’s oldest cold cases – the great Cloncurry Train Heist of 1938. In true NCIS style your team will take on the role of detective to crack the case, win the day and earn a place in Australia’s elite detective force. You will have to use all the evidence taken from the scene while time is against you as you compete to piece together the mystery before any other team can.

Close up of using a typewriter in team detective activity

Designed to intrigue, challenge and excite

Train Heist is designed with your team in mind. It mixes puzzle-based challenges and story in the perfect balance of fun and trial. Your team will have to work together to crack this mystery and win the day, detective style! Your team will be wrapped up in the intricate simulation and be surprised how fast an hour goes by. Your team will be talking about it for hours after as they unpack all the things that happen in Train Heist.

Close up of using a typewriter in team detective activity
Team celebrating winning in front of safe during team building activity

Outcomes are front and centre

Train Heist is complex enough to draw out the right learning dynamics for your team without being too frustrating. With fun still an integral part, your team will take away lasting lessons because it is based in a surprising, enjoyable and unique experience that will serve to deepen interpersonal understanding and connection. This simulation draws out the skills of creative problem-solving, communication, leadership, information management and using competition in a healthy way to reach the right outcomes!

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How Train Heist works

Find all the clues

You will be investigating all the evidence from the crime. Be sure to search it for any hidden or unusual clues. You never know, that map might be the key to the case!

Crack the codes

Your team will be working with amazing props to crack all the puzzles. From encrypted type-writers to secret messages hidden in everyday items, you will be amazed at the lengths these criminals went to not get caught!

Team work is king

Effective team work is at the heart of this challenge. With an overload of information and intersecting puzzles, your team will uncover what it means for team work to make the dream work.

Solve the mystery

Dive deep into the emerging information as the story of the Cloncurry Train Heist unfolds. Only the keenest detective minds will piece it all together.

Deeply engage your team

There is something for everyone in Train Heist. Your team will be surprised how quickly this experience fly’s by! It is designed with the right amount of competition, wins along the way, surprises, solvable puzzles and exceptional facilitators to keep everyone moving towards the finish line. Everyone will get caught up in the mystery and fun of Train Heist.

Flexible Delivery

Train Heist is designed for ultimate flexibility. This simulation can be facilitated almost anywhere! Train Heist can be scaled to run for small groups to 100+. All that is needed is space, tables and a screen. This is all without compromising engagement, fun and the right amount of challenge to provide your team with a well-rounded experience.

The right outcomes for your team

With so much happening within Train Heist it is easy to pull out the right outcomes and learnings for your team. This can look like a more specific debrief or casual conversations. Talk to us about ensuring that your team building objectives are being met in a way that will work for your team!

Increase learning opportunities

Train Heist pairs well with deeper dive debriefs or personality profiling. The rich stimulus of Train Heist provides a safe, fun and immediate reference for your team to understand how they work together and identify immediate opportunities to increase positive team dynamics or interpersonal relationships. Talk to us about what this can look like for your team.

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