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Learning & Development workshop series

Individual Leadership

Our Individual leadership workshops develop the fundamentals of leadership – emotional intelligence, leadership style, decision making and negotiation.

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Unlock the potential in your people through understanding and improving individual leadership skillsets and styles.

Ensuring that your leaders are set up for success is a key component to making sure your business is set up for success. This series of workshops breaks open aspects of individuals to uncover new insights around leadership style, emotional intelligence, adaptive leadership and negotiation.

How we deliver

Through a proven, evidence-based approach, our workshops transform layers of important information into knowledge that sticks.

We do this by activating the content – bringing information to life by helping your team create personal connections to important concepts.

We do this to establish the neural pathways that create ‘aha moments’, underpinned by peer learning and personal discovery. Embedding the content in this way encourages knowledge retention and lasting cultural change.


Finding your leadership style

Facilitate the discovery of individual leadership styles as a driver for long-term performance.

89% of new management hires admit they don’t have the full set of skills or knowledge required to do their jobs.  Executive Board Recruiting Roundtable

  • Awareness of leadership strengths
  • Empowering staff
  • Leading at all levels
  • Personal development goals
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Leadership vs management

Fostering leadership at all levels of your organisation is one of the best investments you can make in driving long term performance.

What is leadership? Great leaders drive the vision and values of the company while, at the same time, keeping day-to-day activities in check. That’s because great leaders are more than managers. They’re inspirational, encouraging, and empathetic.  This workshop focuses on facilitating the discovery of individual leadership styles that can be fostered and developed at any level.

An empowering and insight rich workshop, your staff will leave empowered to continue to build leadership skills areas of strength while becoming aware of personal blind spots and areas for development.

Core Outcomes

Awareness of leadership strengths  |  Empowered staff  |  The opportunity to lead at all levels  |  Personal development goals  |  Appreciation of diversity  |  Greater understanding of leadership vs management

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)
Foundations of emotional intelligence

Understanding the five core competencies of emotional intelligence: self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation and empathy, and how to apply them for growth.

EQ is responsible for 58% of your job performance.  Dr Travis Bradberry

  • Self-awareness for leadership
  • Initiating impetus for growth and learning
  • Practical tools and approaches
  • New language for difficult conversations
  • Leveraging individual differences
  • 5 core EQ skills

90% of top performers have high EQ, a capacity that can be cultivated to be a huge organisational advantage. And like any other skill, you can get better at it with training and practice.

This workshop is a great foundation in the five core competencies of emotional intelligence: self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation and empathy. Built on personal reflection and an individual skills review this workshop focuses on unlocking new ways of thinking about personal growth and interactions with others. Drawing on the latest research and theory, your staff will leave with new drive and practical insights to continue to build more EQ and support others in their team.  A perfect way to re-ignite team discussions around how to work and grow together.

Core Outcomes

Greater staff self-awareness  |  Impetus to grow and learn  |  Practical tools and approaches  |  New language for having difficult conversations  |  Awareness of individual differences  |  5 core EQ skills

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)
Building adaptive leadership

Work more effectively and consciously with a range of people and circumstances through adaptive leadership.

Good leaders create 3 times more economic value than poor leaders.  Zenger & Folkman’s study of 30,000 leaders

  • Empowering teams through adaptation skills
  • Diagnosing preferences
  • Insights into habits and blind-spots
  • New approaches to tailoring communication and interactions
  • Practical tools to guide development

Adaptive leaders use their strengths and high EQ to tailor how they work in ways that unlock the potential in others.

This workshop focuses on how we can practically adapt our communication, decision making and project management based on insights about ourselves and others.  Building on leadership and emotional intelligence foundations this workshop steps beyond the individual leader to challenge mindsets around working with diversity and stress.

With a range of hands on exercises, case studies and practical tools this workshop is guaranteed to get people thinking differently about how they work with others and build great adaptive leadership skills over time.

Core Outcomes

Awareness of the importance of being able to adapt style and preferences  |  Tools to diagnose differences  |  Insights on habits and blind-spots  |  New approaches to tailoring communication and interactions  |  Practical tools to guide development

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)
Negotiating with confidence

Build practical skills to negotiate with confidence and clarity.

57 percent of us fail to accurately estimate how assertive we’ve been, and most of us only remember 50 percent of what the other party said.   Eurekalert

  • Negotiation frameworks
  • Styles of negotiation
  • Enabling confidence for negotiating within and external to the organisation
  • Practical applications and training to maximise the outcomes that matter

Overcome assumptions about negotiating, with new skills and confidence you can negotiate your way to success.

Negotiating anything can be a daunting experience. With the right framework and simplifying the process, you and your team will walk away with new found confidence in negotiating effectively.

This workshop will engage your team in exploring what it takes to negotiate successfully. In exploring styles and frameworks this workshop will demystify the negotiation process. By practicing these skills and tactics the learnings will be embedded within your group so when they are facing their next negotiation challenge, success will be at their fingertips.

Core Outcomes

Clear negotiation framework to implement  |  Greater understanding of types of negotiation and what style to use  |  Stronger staff confidence in negotiating within and external to organisation  |  Practicing tactics and maximising outcomes that matter

Enhance with a simulation

  • Train Heist
  • Mastership Game
  • Containment (coming 2020)

Common delivery formats

The 2-hour learning activation

Built around interactive activations, these sessions zero in on a learning theme through learning theory, audience discussion & reflection and targeted debriefs.

The half day program

Spread over 4 hours the half day program digs deeper into a theme through fusing learning theory with high impact simulations and facilitated discussions.

The full day immersion

A full day immersion opens up the option of taking on two learning themes or delving deeper into how a theme translates into your workplace. With time to talk theory, application and activate the learning through simulations a full day program can be a powerful catalyst for change.

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