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Professional development activities that deliver

Supercharge your team with quality professional development. Using stimulus that is built on robust theory but turns delivery on its’ head is a great way to create an edge with your PD that engages your team a new way.

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Set your PD up for success

Making your professional development exciting is a challenge. All the fundamentals are in place but how do you excite your colleagues enough to draw them away from their desks, meetings and devices to make time to learn? The key is making learning and development programs a genuinely fun and different experience. This requires a new approach that puts a premium on engagement as a hook for learning.

Giovanna Shakhovskoy running Professional Development workshop

Fusing stimulus with best practice

You have the frameworks, theory and principles, but how to make it accessible? Unpacking this best practice through insights that people discover for themselves is a powerful way to cut through the ever increasing complexity your teams face. Directors of the Extraordinary learning simulations and activities provide the perfect basis for your teams to explore any number of professional development areas such as strategic problem solving, communication, team work, conflict management and systems thinking.

Giovanna Shakhovskoy running Professional Development workshop
Group of people doing personality profiling at a table

The power of personality insight

At all levels of your organisation, emotional intelligence and personalised insight set the basis for a self-aware and feedback culture. Directors of the Extraordinary works closely with a range of leading personality diagnostic providers including Instinctive Drives, Strengths Finder, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) and the Life Styles Inventory to help your team achieve new levels of success.

List of Personality Profiling providers
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Tailoring, measuring, refining

Your organisation has unique challenges and dynamics that shift with time. As such, tailoring content to specific groups and learning objectives with the option of following up and refining content over time isn’t an optional extra, it’s a must!

Woman smiling during team building activity

Smart investment, big results

Icon for develop leaders with corporate activites
Develop LeadersWith skill-based simulations
Icon for boost communication with corporate activities
Boost CommunicationThrough practice and understanding
Icon for increase retention with corporate activities
Increase RetentionThrough positive work engagement
Icon for optimise productivity with corporate activities
Optimise ProductivityBy encouraging problem solving
Icon for promote collaboration with corporate activities
Promote CollaborationThrough shared experience
Icon for increase creativity with corporate activities
Increase CreativityThrough fun and unique activities

Making professional development work for you

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