You can learn anything when it’s fun

Watch your students engage in fun incursion activities that will have them thinking and moving in high energy team focused experiences! Give them a unique opportunity to learn new skills, forge stronger social bonds and challenge their thinking.


Your students will forget they’re learning

Intriguing scenarios, engaging with intricate puzzles and a little competition will drive learning through curiosity. These activities break students out of a classroom learning format, but don’t compromise the learning objectives.


Centred on engagement

It is amazing how tangible, hands on experiences have the power to captivate a whole group of students. You’ll witness your students completely engaged in the activity, opening the door to quality learning and growth.


Don’t compromise on quality

We regularly work with schools, just like yours, in both private and public education to achieve extraordinary experiences that compliment your program and achieve your goals.


Take the stress away

You are already so busy. Choose an incursion provider who will nail it for you, first time. You will get a high quality experience in a familiar environment without the cost of time and travel. Discover what can be achieved with some creative thinking, quality resources and a healthy sprinkling of extraordinary!

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Incursion use cases

Leadership development

Give your students the opportunity to practice and develop their leadership and communication skills in a safe environment. Setting this activity out of normal social situations allows students to fully invest. Pair it with a debrief or personality profiling session to maximise development.

Team building

Forging a strong social fabric between students is a challenge. Giving them the opportunity to collectively overcome obstacles, achieve objectives and see each other’s strengths in action is a powerful force for team building.

Leadership & enrolment screening

There’s nothing like seeing how a person behaves in a situation where they are completely engaged. Their natural personalities shine though, giving you the unique opportunity to screen social skills, leadership skills and capabilities.

Activity days

Sometimes you just need an activity that’s super fun and will keep your students totally engaged as part of an activity day. Fun is our specialty – your students will absolutely love it.

Activating Learning

Develop LeadersWith skill-based simulations
Boost CommunicationThrough practice and understanding
Increase EngagementThrough dynamic learning activities
Increase ResilienceBy encouraging problem solving
Promote CollaborationThrough shared experience
Increase CreativityThrough fun and unique activities

Making student incursions work for you

20 - 100 studentsExperiences that cater for anywhere between 20 and 100 students, without compromising quality
Flexible formatsRun either before, during or after school hours with options between 1 - 2.5 hours.
We come to youSave on transport - all experiences come to your school and can run in almost any space.

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