Success with fun team building activities

The smartest investment you can make in your team

You want more for your team and your team wants more from you. Our team building activities help you deliver both. A well placed team building activity can work wonders to reinvigorate, bond and refocus your team, ready to kick some goals.


Deeply engage your team

The secret to a successful team building activity is engagement. And the secret to engagement is fun. Choosing a super fun team building activity will set you up for success. With your team fully invested, you can drive them towards lasting and positive change through tangible, hands-on and unique experiences that will forge stronger bonds, stimulate lasting learning and teach new skills.


Exceed your team building objectives

Building and engaging high-performing teams is both a science and an art. By immersing individuals and teams in challenging and fun scenarios, you have the power to unleash their potential. By boosting communication, improving creative problem solving or forging new social bonds, your team can experience more productivity, innovation and stronger culture.


It’s all about culture

Staff culture can make or break an organisation. You can feel it in the office when things aren’t quite right – the tension can be tangible. A team building event is a powerful force in inciting change. Giving your people the opportunity to collectively overcome challenge, achieve goals and see each other’s strengths will turbo charge your culture.


Become the office hero

The mention of a ‘team building activity’ often incites audible groans throughout the office. And it’s understandable. In the past, team building activities have often been either corny, boring or have failed to involve everyone. You’ll find none of that here. We’ve listened, learnt and taken action. Every Directors of the Extraordinary experience is designed to be extremely fun, deeply engaging and accessible to everyone. Your team will be very surprised at what you’ve managed to organise.

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Smart investment, big results

Develop LeadersWith skill-based simulations
Boost CommunicationThrough practice and understanding
Increase RetentionThrough positive work engagement
Optimise ProductivityBy encouraging problem solving
Promote CollaborationThrough shared experience
Increase CreativityThrough fun and unique activities

Making team building work for you

6 - 300+ peopleExperiences that cater for anywhere between 6 and 300+ people, without compromising quality
Flexible formatsAlways fun, but take it as deep or as light as you want to achieve your objectives.
We come to youAll experiences are portable and can be set up in any venue, office or space of your choosing

Find your perfect team building activity

Train HeistPerfect for team building.
Become a detective and race against the clock to solve one of Queensland's most famous unsolved mysteries.
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Mastership GamePerfect for team building.
The ultimate team vs team competition of international espionage and spy craft.
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Gatsby GamblePerfect for social events.
Gamble and glitz your way to glory in a 1920s whirlwind night of gambling, mystery and hidden puzzles.
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Out of the BottlePerfect for social events.
Take any party or function to the next level with the ultimate wine, beer, whiskey or gin tasting experience.
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