Show your clients serious appreciation

A well placed, well executed client appreciation event can do wonders. Building loyalty, increasing awareness, generating referrals; there are many reasons to invest in one. But doing it well is just as important as doing it at all. With an extraordinary interactive experience aligned with your clients interests, you almost can’t go wrong.

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Familiar but impressive client entertainment

You want to wow your clients, but not make them uncomfortable. Interactive experiences that are based on familiar concepts, but reimagined in ways not seen before are a sure fire way to engage and impress. Directors of the Extraordinary experiences have been crafted to allow people to participate how they want – no pressure and no awkwardness.


Crafted to facilitate discussion

It can be nerve racking getting a whole group of people who may not know each other into the same room. An interactive experience is the perfect way of giving focus and talking points to the event. Speed up the connections that people will make by giving them a shared experience to bond over.


Show appreciation, gain loyalty

Staying top of mind is business currency. Even better if the touch points that keep you top of mind have wow factor – this will ensure that when your clients think of you, it’s with a great memory. Positive experiences such as these are the best breeding grounds for referrals, too. Showing a little appreciation with an amazing experience can have long lasting affects.

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Client appreciation events that work for you

6 - 300+ peopleExperiences that cater for anywhere between 6 and 300+ people, without compromising quality
Flexible formatsExperiences that can fit into your format - anything from a stand alone event to a 3 course dinner
We come to youAll experiences are portable and can be set up in any venue, office or space of your choosing

Find your perfect client appreciation event

Gatsby GamblePerfect for social events.
Gamble and glitz your way to glory in a 1920s whirlwind night of gambling, mystery and hidden puzzles.
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Out of the BottlePerfect for social events.
Take any party or function to the next level with the ultimate wine, beer, whiskey or gin tasting experience.
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