EOFY events to delight and activate

End of Financial Year is an important moment in the calendar of your business. EOFY is a chance to celebrate the wins, take stock of progress and set goals to see out the year. Pairing this process with an incredibly fun interactive experience is a sure fire way to energise and delight your people.


Cater for everyone without fuss

Providing an activity that will keep everyone happy sounds neigh on impossible. We’ve taken the challenge head on and designed with this front of mind. Directors of the Extraordinary experiences use a compelling mix of intriguing scenarios, competition and fun to get everybody on board quickly. No matter their position, preferences or energy levels, everyone will get involved.


Achieve objectives with maximum fun

EOFY is a time to bring together your team, refocus them, draw some learnings, but not make it too deep. Maximum fun is a key priority to energise your team for the second half of the year and reward them for the hard work so far. Fun is front and centre of all Directors of the Extraordinary experiences with a range of options from more serious to party style.


Flexible and easy to organise

Don’t make a stressful time of year any harder than it needs to be. Choose an experience provider who will help you achieve success without the fuss. You deserve to enjoy the fun as well, so let us organise the ins and out and join in the festivities!

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EOFY events that work for you

6 - 300+ peopleExperiences that cater for anywhere between 6 and 300+ people, without compromising quality
Flexible formatsExperiences that can fit into your format - anything from a stand alone event to a 3 course dinner
We come to youAll experiences are portable and can be set up in any venue, office or space of your choosing

Find your perfect EOFY activity

Train HeistPerfect for team building.
Become a detective and race against the clock to solve one of Queensland's most famous unsolved mysteries.
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Mastership GamePerfect for team building.
The ultimate team vs team competition of international espionage and spy craft.
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Gatsby GamblePerfect for social events.
Gamble and glitz your way to glory in a 1920s whirlwind night of gambling, mystery and hidden puzzles.
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Out of the BottlePerfect for social events.
Take any party or function to the next level with the ultimate wine, beer, whiskey or gin tasting experience.
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