Quick fire solutions for an otherwise out of reach client

Using creative online solutions to deliver team building to the middle of Western Australia!

We were given the challenge of delivering two team building experiences for a client in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. This team was coming back together for a team strategy day after months of remote work. They usually fly a facilitator into their remote destination, but due to travel restrictions, were looking at alternative solutions. They wanted an experience that would be fun, help them connect and also re-look at their wellbeing and culture.

Participants: 12

Experiences booked: Redefining Team Culture Workshop, Twisted Trivia

What they were looking for

This government client was looking for a quick team building solution that could be delivered to their team based in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Being based remotely they were struggling to find the right solution in the quick time frame they had. Often having to fly facilitators out, they were open to new and different ways of running team sessions remotely.

What we did

After the initial enquiry, we gave their team leader a call to talk through the workshop options and the practicalities of delivering our experiences remotely. We took time to understand their needs and worked towards a solution that would be well received by their team.

They were looking for equal parts connection and fun. Given they had been isolated in remote work for the last few months, having something to get them laughing and connecting was priority.

They chose to host the Redefining Team Culture workshop as the first part of their team strategy days, and start their third session with some light hearted Twisted Trivia.

The experience

To kick off their time together we used Zoom to facilitate the workshop that revisited parts of their team culture. Our facilitator, calling in on Zoom, was projected on the big screen in the room. Our facilitator had sound and visual access to the room through a camera so there was still ability to connect and adjust the content as the team engaged. Through this set up our facilitator was able to build rapport and guide the team effectively through the process of the workshop.

Based on foundational research about the elements that make up great team culture, we used a range of hands on a creative exercises to unpack the content and ask questions about what could be done differently. The team were quick to laugh and connect through the exercises. They were able to come up with creative solutions to some of their sticking points. These solutions were practical, viable and easy to implement.

For this workshop, our facilitator was based in Brisbane, our tech support was in Melbourne and their team was in the same room in Kalgoorlie. For us, this demonstrated the flexibility that technology offers!

Our second delivered experience was the fun and laughter filled Twisted Trivia. Like the workshop, we were able to run this experience remotely through livestream and web hosted answer portals. The team were quick to pick up how to use and interact with the tech with easy to understand user guidance and intuitive design. We later heard that this experience was a highlight of their time together, they particularly loved the questions and our Trivia hosts fun and quirky sense of humour.

An unexpected bonus was having one of their team members who couldn’t physically make it to the day, still being able to participate in the team activity through the livestream and web portal.

These two experiences were cost effective, met their brief and ultimately provided their team with the sense of connection and fun they had been missing.

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