Group of women laughing during trivia event

Networking done right

Women in IP Law attracted their biggest turn out to a networking event through a different approach

Group of women laughing during trivia event

Women in IP Law put on a Game of Wines to turn a standard networking evening turned into a memorable night where deeper connections were made through fun, shared experience and a little competition!

Participants: 40

Experiences booked: A Game of Wines

What they were looking for

Women in IP Law were planning another networking night. They had had a few but had struggled to attract enough people. Katrina was looking for a hook to make the event stand out. She wanted the networking night to be fun and interactive and to encourage new connections.

What we did

We suggested Out of the Bottle: A Game of Wines. Our competitive wine tasting offered wow factor to not just the event but also the invite. Katrina loved the idea of adding in a little healthy competition and the fact that it could be played in pairs or groups meant it was the perfect ice breaker for networking. We were able to deliver the event at their office, making it a smooth and easy night to organise as well as reducing the cost of hosting the event.

The experience

The Out of the Bottle experience intrigued members from the initial invitation and was a really unique factor that encouraged more people to sign up for the event. The night itself was a huge success. Our facilitators did an amazing job in engaging the crowd, encouraging more natural interactions through laughter and the experience as a focus. They had a bigger turn out than any of her other networking events.

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