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Interactive engagement is a powerful enabler

In every domain, expectations are changing as our society shifts to an experience economy. Creators, businesses and educators alike are realising that people are craving to be at the heart of every experience. Directors of the Extraordinary is leading the way in this new way of thinking about experience design.

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A new frontier in building connection

Interactive experiences let people immerse themselves in your business, your message, your products and services and your values. Done well, these experiences create powerful cut-through in the crowded marketing landscape with genuine wow factor that helps you stand apart.

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It’s all about engagement

The very first task of any experience or activity is to engage the audience. Without genuine buy-in from the crowd, no other objective can be achieved. Going interactive gives compelling reasons for someone to engage, and makes them more receptive to your message. Repositioning their role to one that drives the story by allowing their choices to produce meaningful outcomes drives ownership, engagement and personal connection to shared values.

Woman celebrating winning a gambling game

From passive observer to raving fan

Interactive experiences are a valuable platform for sharing information and building rapport – between team mates, or a business and its customers. Inviting them to actively participate in the experience or brand, this process creates a shift from passive observer to engaged contributor. In the commercial context, this can be the game-changing tool for activating disengaged employees, or helping customers shift from casual followers to raving fans.

According to Accenture, employers with a great employee experience outperform the S&P 500 Index by 122%.

Woman smiling during team building activity

Bringing learning to life

Immersive, interactive experiences allow us to activate content – bringing information to life by helping your team create personal connections to important concepts. From team building to professional development, these experiences open the door to ‘aha moments’ underpinned by peer learning and personal discovery, creating stronger teams and more connected businesses.

Woman smiling during team building activity
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Building teams that build businesses

In a business landscape that favours trusted communication, collaboration and creativity, the teams who feel safest to express themselves have the competitive edge. But intense workplace cultures and distractions, like communication technologies, often inhibit the creation of psychological safety, teamwork, and intrinsic motivation. In working with some of Australia’s best-known brands and businesses, we’ve repeatedly witnessed the power of interactive experiences for building culture, confidence and skills.


Real wow factor that’s more than skin deep

Engaging hearts, minds and senses calls for more than just high production values – though having a visual wow factor is still important. In our overstimulated, oversaturated world, people crave the opportunity to experience things. Particularly for the millennial workforce (and customers), the excitement, meaning, ownership and connection of experiential, immersive opportunities are especially engaging, driving productivity and satisfaction.


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