Players opening a safe during Train Heist event

Detectives unite. We’ve got a case to crack.

At some point everyone has dreamed of being a detective. This corporate team building simulation will have you and your team neck deep in an intricate, puzzle driven experience of criminal investigation.

Team investigating fingerprints during detective experience

Grab your detective hat. The race is on.

This intricate corporate simulation will take your team into the heart of one of Queensland’s most notorious unsolved mysteries – the great Cloncurry Train Heist of 1938. Working in teams of 7-10 with evidence taken from the scene, you will compete against the clock (and each other) to crack the case.

Reading a book with other players in the background

The perfect mix of fun and challenge

This is a simulation to challenge and delight, requiring both team work and a broad range of individual skills to succeed. With plenty of puzzling to do, it’s fun, clever and just the right amount of frustrating that will draw all participants into their new roles as front-line detectives.

Reading a book with other players in the background
Team celebrating winning in front of safe during team building activity

Rich in team building outcomes

Train Heist provides you with a rich experience to challenge group dynamics, work on communication and build creative problem solving skills. Your team will be stretched in all the right ways with vast opportunity to practice alternative thinking styles and team work.

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How Train Heist works

Investigate the evidence

On the table in front of you is the evidence from the crime. Search it thoroughly and find all the hidden clues it contains.

Solve all the puzzles

These criminals were sneaky – decipher cryptic notes, understand patterns and crack open safes.

Manage information & communication

With so much going on in a race against the clock, form a strategy and get your team working efficiently and effectively.

Crack the case

Get your best Criminal Minds / NCIS / Sherlock brain on and delve into the details of the case. Find out who, when, where and why this crime happened.

Deeply engage your team

Your team will be so engaged they won’t know where the hour went! Using the perfect mix of intriguing scenario, mini wins, achievable challenge and inter-team competition, Train Heist will pull your whole team into the mystery and fun of the experience.

Match the simulation to your outcomes

There is so much to unpack with Train Heist, you will be chatting about it for weeks! The experience provides a rich tapestry of learning you can pull from with ease to match the outcomes you are looking for. This can be done via a structured debrief or casual conversations throughout the office.

Extend the learnings with add-ons

Using personality profiling, you can provide deep insight into the personal and group dynamics that arise through the simulation. Ask us about adding a DISC discovery session or use your own L&D team or provider to delve as deep as you wish.

Made for flexibility

All Train Heist needs to run is a room, tables, chairs and a projector. This makes it incredibly flexible to fit right in with your event and schedule. Don’t get lulled into thinking it’s simple though. The magic is discovering the complexity and depth of the experience.

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