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The Experiate Platform

The Directors of the Extraordinary Experiate platform is a game-building software that allows the rapid build of high fidelity, fully-customized experiences.

Directors of the Extraordinary app with sample experiences on a tablet

What is the Experiate platform?

The Experiate platform is a dynamic ‘experience-builder’ that uses game development methodology and proprietary software to configure native applications for a range of devices. This technology allows the rapidly development of rich media experiences without having to code expensive and time consuming applications each time.

3 tablets with the Directors of the Extraordinary app loaded

Incredible flexibility

Supporting a range of linear, non-linear and choose-your-own-adventure experiences, is uses the full range of native features on phones and tablets. We have taken the best thinking from the world of game design and created a platform that can support everything from corporate simulations to engaging museum tours with ease.

3 tablets with the Directors of the Extraordinary app loaded
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The role of Experiate

Technology is a powerful enabler of interactive and immersive experiences – but should never become the experience itself. We consider technology as a facilitating aid to real-life experiences that enables the ability to involve large numbers of participants and create moments of delight. The technology never takes over our experiences, rather it facilitates and enhances immersion into narrative-based experiences that draw in theatrics, gaming, world creation and puzzling into something truly unique.

Features and integrations

Game building engineThat supports the rapid development of customised experiences around a range of game constructs
Rich media featuresIncluding video, audio, images, bluetooth beacons, Augmented Reality and QR codes
Fully customisableTo suit different branding and aesthetic styles
Fully supportedAnd hosted on a range of devices
Integrated with a live leaderboardThat can track progress real time
CRM integratedTo allow for data capture and automated email follow up

Examples of the technology in action

THE SHADOW INITIATIONWhere patrons of the South Australian Museum are sent on a site-wide, tablet-based quest unlocking secrets and introducing a new way to experience the Museum.Find out more
MASTERSHIP GAMEWhere teams are provided with a "missions" and "jobs" tablet to enable competing objectives in a dynamic international spy vs spy game experience.Find out more
CONTAINMENTWhere special response teams were armed with a dynamic field technology that guided them through their mission to find and extract the zombie anti-virusFind out more
PUZZLE MASTERSWhere students are challenged to accrue as many points as possible using strategy, puzzling and their team tablets in an amazing race meets Cluedo experience.Find out more

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