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Experience, designed

The Directors of the Extraordinary Design Lab is a multi-disciplinary team that uses a unique fusion of theatre, story, gaming, technology and world creation do develop truly extraordinary experiences. We believe that there is virtually no people-centric business, learning or entertainment challenge that can’t be solved by smart interaction design.

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A unique approach

The Directors of the Extraordinary Design Lab is founded on a simple but powerful idea:

Creatively bringing different design disciplines together with customer interaction in the center create extraordinary experiences.

Anchored through a strong design process, we thrive when story, gaming, world creation, theatre and technology collide. We believe this is where magic happens. So we have made it our business.

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A proven design process

Even our creative process is a discipline, one that we have refined. Working from clearly articulated creative briefs, our design process moves through ideation, prototyping, testing, refinement and production stages always with the customer experience at the forefront of design. Managed by an experienced team we bring ideas to life through a multidisciplinary creative process that is required to stand up to the tests of production and execution – because we do that too!

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Our design ethos

People, not products or services, at the centre

We believe the starting point should always be people. Compelling products, services and experiences start and end with how people perceive them.

Crafting experiences, not delivering events

We believe the most successful events realise they are not in the business of delivering an event but a compelling experience! Everything starts from this mindset.

Engagement, engagement, engagement

We believe in the power of engaging people through all their senses with a focus on what they enjoy. Clever use of surprise, competition and empowerment can make all the difference.

Moments of discovery, not learning information

In an age of over-stimulation we believe real learning occurs around moments of discovery, not downloading information.

Types of experiences we create

Leisure experiencesThat re-imagine traditional entertainment
Site tours and activationsThat bring unique locations to life
Unique venue attractionsThat create different points of engagement
Learning simulationsThat transform the learning process
Brand activationsThat change how people experience products and services
Bespoke event experiencesThat elevate events to the level of extraordinary

Examples of our work

ContainmentAustralia’s most ambitious zombie adventure game. Staged in Brisbane Powerhouse in October 2017, Containment saw over 3200 survivors saving the world from the imminent zombie apocalypse following a deadly leak in a private research facility. Highly immersive, intricate and epic in scale, Containment was one of our biggest immersive design challenges to date.Find out more
Bridge ProgramWorking with a unique brief to activate a three-day international pharmaceutical conference, the Design Lab team developed an interactive simulation with a difference.
Staged over three days, teams were challenged to compete for investment in a dynamic marketplace, increasing learning outcomes amongst 100 conference delegates in the process.
Find out more
Museum adventure gameIn an Australian first, the South Australian Museum, in partnership with Adventure Mode, launched a new digital experience enticing visitors to think outside the box and show their spirit for adventure. Using the Directors of the Extraordinary technology, The Shadow Initiation tasks visitors with puzzles, tests and challenges about the Museum’s galleries and collections; unlocking secrets and introducing a new way to experience the Museum.Find out more
Gamified tastingsReimagining the traditional tasting experience, the Design Lab created a new format through which to experience everything from wine to cheese. Described best as classy but contagious fun, the Out of the Bottle series is a brilliant example of the Design Lab approach in action. Out of the Bottle is now delivered regularly by the Directors of the Extraordinary team for corporate events, private parties and conference activations.Find out more

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