EOFY party ideas20200521164414

EOFY party ideas

Giovanna ShakhovskoyMay 21, 2020Experience Design, Team Building
Organising an End of Financial Year celebration can be an incredibly fun thing to do. But with great power comes great responsibility – how do you cre...
Using Tech to Innovate for a Reason20180827174934

Using Tech to Innovate for a Reason

Giovanna ShakhovskoyAugust 27, 2018Experience Design
Our philosophy on how we use technologyAs an interactive and immersive design company, we use several different disciplines to create our experiences;...
The Rise of Interactive and Immersive Experiences20180315103956

The Rise of Interactive and Immersive Experiences

Giovanna ShakhovskoyMarch 15, 2018Experience Design, Food for thought, Team Building
Today I saw Disney release drone footage of its enormous 14-acre upcoming attraction, Star Wars Land, which is set to open in 2019. No matter if you a...
Reimagining what Wine Tasting Could Be20180313142059

Reimagining what Wine Tasting Could Be

Giovanna ShakhovskoyMarch 13, 2018Experience Design, Team Building
One of our company goals is to reimagine what is already out there in the world by taking it, shaking it, flipping it, inverting it and gamifying it.T...
Making a Zombie Apocalypse Come to Life20171011221702

Making a Zombie Apocalypse Come to Life

Giovanna ShakhovskoyOctober 11, 2017Experience Design, News
With our very own Zombie Apocalypse looming, I am caught reflecting on what it takes to turn an iconic Brisbane venue into a new world that is complet...
Innovation Requires New Ideas20170905164817

Innovation Requires New Ideas

Giovanna ShakhovskoySeptember 5, 2017Experience Design
An insight into how we create new ideas (that work) for products in the marketOften, coming up with successful new ideas is hard. It’s also one of the...
Games in the Workplace is Serious Business20170704211923

Games in the Workplace is Serious Business

Giovanna ShakhovskoyJuly 4, 2017Experience Design, Team Building
Using games to better your business results is fast becoming an accepted practice and powerful tool.As a company that uses games to deliver unique exp...
Is Functional Theatre a Thing?20161017000414

Is Functional Theatre a Thing?

Giovanna ShakhovskoyOctober 17, 2016Experience Design
As we are building our company around an emerging industry, we have begun to understand that breaking new ground and creating something that has not e...