How to Plan your Work Christmas Party20180629161522

How to Plan your Work Christmas Party

Giovanna ShakhovskoyJune 29, 2018News
The work Christmas party... it’s something that can make you excited or shudder in fear. The good news is that it’s easy to do well if you consider so...
Taking the Team out of the Office20180405132540

Taking the Team out of the Office

Giovanna ShakhovskoyApril 5, 2018News, Team Building
This year we made a decision to take our core team out of the office for three days to achieve a few things:Acknowledge all the hard work and achievem...
Making a Zombie Apocalypse Come to Life20171011221702

Making a Zombie Apocalypse Come to Life

Giovanna ShakhovskoyOctober 11, 2017Experience Design, News
With our very own Zombie Apocalypse looming, I am caught reflecting on what it takes to turn an iconic Brisbane venue into a new world that is complet...
Behind the Scenes of Containment20170908104754

Behind the Scenes of Containment

Giovanna ShakhovskoySeptember 8, 2017News
Check out this behind the scenes video for an insight into how and why we have created Containment.We recently spent two weeks in intensive production...
Introducing the Founders20170110091952

Introducing the Founders

Giovanna ShakhovskoyJanuary 10, 2017News
Directors of the Extraordinary are four siblings who have been boldly creative and committed to pushing the boundaries of what currently exists for en...