Introducing the Founders

Directors of the Extraordinary are four siblings who have been boldly creative and committed to pushing the boundaries of what currently exists for entertainment in Brisbane for the past three years. They are at the heart of this experience and will be working closely with a variety of local production specialists and performers to make this one particularly memorable.


Matthew Shakhovskoy

Co-founder, Head of Partnerships

Matt loves the big picture. He is known for his wild ideas and thinking outside the box. He is master of strategy and often keeps the team working towards the big objectives.


Giovanna Shakhovskoy

Co-founder, Head of Customer

The ‘all-rounder’, Giovanna has fingers in many pies, but thrives in managing people, working in experience design and supporting production. Giovanna is the person to talk to about partnerships and big ideas!


Paul Shakhovskoy

Co-founder, Head of Design

The detail guy. Paul brings the companies ideas to fruition through methodical consideration and creative expression – how do those things even work together? They do with this guy!


Simon Shakhovskoy

Co-founder, Head of Production

He is the master builder and project manager. He plays in the heart of world creation and ensures the team is tracking towards achieving epic.