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Unleash your inner spy with the ultimate corporate spy game

Mastership Game is the next level in fun yet challenging team building designed to maximise team dynamics & build positive connections.

Man in spy costume for Mastership Game activity

Espionage is the name of the game

Channel your inner M, Jason Bourne, or Mrs Smith in a kick-ass, fast-paced game of wits, intelligence and intrigue. Formed into teams representing different countries, this is a battle to find the world’s best intelligence agency. It’s fun, secretive and guaranteed to delight your whole crew.

Players solving a spy puzzle during Mastership Game activity

Strategise your way to victory

With puzzles to solve, missions to complete, money to make, deals to strike and resources to manage, you’ll need to strategise effectively. Most importantly, no one will be bored! Even those in your team that don’t like team building activities will be drawn into the energy and dynamism of this fun espionage game.

Players solving a spy puzzle during Mastership Game activity
Team of players during Mastership Game experience

Get to know your team mates

See how your team mates work under pressure, time constraints, in negotiations and find out who’s the most sly! This unique combination of theme and competition naturally lowers people’s barriers, allowing their real personalities to shine through, building stronger social bonds and trust in your team.

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How the Mastership Spy Game works

Complete spy missions

Use all your skills, wit and spy skills to finish a series of missions to get your team in the running for victory.

Earn money through jobs

Complete listed espionage jobs to make your team as much money as you can. Only the team with the most money will win.

Strike Blackmarket deals

The Blackmarket is where you acquire the resources you need. Everything is open for negotiation.

Negotiate, thieve or hustle to victory

This is a game of spy craft. Do what you need to win – just don’t get caught.

Guaranteed engagement from everyone

Forget what you think team building activities are. Mastership Game takes it to the next level. Your whole team will be genuinely engaged and will talk about it for weeks to come. You may even be surprised about who of your team emerges from the woodwork!

Easy to manage, big wow factor

Only needing a space, tables, chairs and a projector, Mastership Game can be run almost anywhere and is easy to set up. We will bring everything else, including serious wow factor. Your team will be loving it as they hot-wire a spy briefcase!

Draw learnings for your outcome

As a multifaceted activity, it’s easy to link Mastership Game to the outcomes you wish to explore. If you want maximise the learnings, pair it with an in-depth debrief or personality profiling session. Ask us for details.

Perfect to activate your day

Mastership Game is the perfect way to activate your conference, team building day or Friday afternoon drinks. With a discreet 1.5 hour run time it’s perfect to slot in where you need it to go and will get your people moving, laughing and active.

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