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Activate your site and excite your visitors

Your site has so much to offer and you want more for your visitors. A well designed site-specific activation can be the highlight that visitors talk about as only available at your venue.

Iconic experiences for public spaces

MuseumsLooking to bring content to life in a new way
GalleriesLooking to create more dynamic tours of key collections
Entertainment venuesLooking for new and dynamic attractions
Iconic public spacesTo bring a site to life
Historical sitesInterested in bringing stories to life
LibrariesExcited about activating learning in new ways

Types of site activation experiences

Adventure Games

Part site tour, part treasure hunt, part real life Cluedo we simply call reimagined tours ‘adventure games’. Adventure games:

  • Are narrative based and interactive
  • Draw on the natural assets of the site to create the content of the experience
  • Are tablet based, but hands-on and immersive
  • Put users in the center of the experience where they make meaningful choices
  • Create a new revenue stream with limited staff time/involvement
  • Above all, are fun, with moments of surprise and delight

High fidelity tours

Tours have improved a lot over the years, but there is still a long way to go in providing higher fidelity experiences for patrons. Tour offerings are tablet based and make use of the latest rich-media technologies to deliver more dynamic content in a more customised way. Our tablet technology supports:

  • Dynamic display of maps and site points of interest in a native app format
  • Video, image and audio content that can be customised and combined in different ways
  • Interactive elements that can gamify parts or all of the tour
  • Beacon and RFID integrations that can automatically launch or enable content
  • Augmented reality interactions that create wow factor
  • Automated data capture and follow up emails to drive customer engagement beyond the tour

Interactive Installations

A well placed interactive installation can become a hive of activity at any site. We develop site specific interactive installations that are designed to support the types of engagement your site is looking for. With a multi-disciplinary creative and production team we specialise in:

  • Fabricating large scale interactive exhibits
  • Developing digitally-driven content representations
  • Creating large scale games

A smart investment with big results

Create an 'only at' experienceIn a world of instantly available entertainment, people crave the unique and out-of-the-ordinary. With an 'only-at' experience there is the opportunity to wow your visitors with an experience they will want to share.
Bring your venue's story to lifeEvery site is built on stories which your visitors are just waiting to engage with. The future of site experiences is based on giving visitors a compelling reason to engage.
Facilitate movement across the siteThere are so many unique features to to your site but often visitors are not aware that they exist. A well designed experience will take your visitors to under-visited spaces and show how they connect to the larger precinct.
Gather data and customiseUnderstanding who your visitors are and how they interact with your site is valuable for ongoing engagement. Our experiences collect data that can be used to continue to engage visitors and give them reasons to return.
South Australian Museum building from above

Case Study: South Australian Museum

In an Australian first, the South Australian Museum, in partnership with Adventure Mode, launched a new digital experience enticing visitors to think outside the box and show their spirit for adventure. Using the Directors of the Extraordinary technology, The Shadow Initiation tasks visitors with puzzles, tests and challenges about the Museum’s galleries and collections; unlocking secrets and introducing a new way to experience the Museum.

The game was designed around accruing as many points as possible in order to join a Secret Order. Taking place on a tablet, up to four people can play at one time. With over 40 challenges to choose from and one hour on the clock, players work their way through the Museum, strategically selecting which challenges to accept and trying to complete as many as possible within the allocated time.

“The game will inspire curiosity, tap into people’s competitive nature, delight them with new information and excite them with unique challenges and puzzles. It’s designed to be fun, sneakily STEM-educational and most of all, memorable.”
Brian Oldman, Museum Director.

This offering has been running since February 2019 and is rapidly gathering a following of excited fans in the Museum space and the general public.

South Australian Museum building from above

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