5 Tips on How to Finish the Work Year Well

As the year is drawing to a close it is getting harder and harder to stay focused even though there is still so much to do! Everyone is a little weary, looking forward to Christmas or highly annoyed that Christmas Carols are pumping everywhere they go and maybe a little stressed in trying to get everything done. With all of this happening, it can be even more important to focus on your team morale, energy and culture.

Here are some helpful tips to finish the year strong.


1. Focus on what’s most important everyday

I see my own energy and focus waning a little with the pull of Christmas and the promise of a break so close. What helps me refocus is to ask this strategic question everyday: what is the most important thing I can do today. Simple I know, but it can be a useful tool to finish strong and break the procrastination cycle.


2. Be sure to celebrate as a team

Reconnecting is vital to keep motivation levels up. Consider what you can do as an office team building activity leading up to Christmas. Incorporating a team experience into your office Christmas party is an easy option. If this is not possible, consider a punchy and fun activity to get the energy levels up and your team reconnected through shared experience.


3. Have an office clean up party

Nothing like a good purge to feel fresh moving into 2020. Lock in an hour where everyone gets a little down and dirty, maybe with a killer soundtrack to accompany the fresh feels. Ask everyone to clean their desks and clear the office of everything you don’t need moving into next year. You know that one thing that has been sitting on the common table for 4 months… time to go and boy does it feel good!

Helpful tip: if you need a playlist check out our DoE Song of the day playlist


4. Do something good

Doing something for someone else is a sure way to increase the positive hormones floating around the body. Can you do something for someone in your team, your family or a random human who needs a little kindness.


5. Delete these words from your communication

Ryan Avery is a communications specialist. I heard him speak in 2018 and this tip from him changed the way I communicate.

For the remainder of the year, avoid using the words just and only in your emails. These words rob you of confidence and clarity. Instead of, I’m just emailing… how about, I’m emailing. See the difference?  Not only will it have a positive impact on your team culture but help in maintaining positive relationships with external parties and stakeholders


Bonus! Ask some reflective questions of yourself and your team

Find some time to think about 2020. Get ahead of the game. Here are some questions to ask yourself and the team:

  • What does success look like
  • What do I/we want to learn
  • What can I do differently to make things more streamlined or easier
  • What can we do as a team to be better supports for each other
  • If someone else was to step into my job, what would they do differently