This is no ordinary corporate tasting

Designed to stimulate discussion, laughter and a little competition, this new form of wine, beer, whiskey or gin tasting is the perfect addition to any corporate function, party or team bonding event.


Classy and contagiously fun

Out of the Bottle combines the class of traditional tastings with the fun of a little competition. It’s the perfect mix that will get even the most skeptical of your team engaged, laughing and socialising.


Tasting made competitive

Out of the Bottle puts guests in the middle of an unfolding competition to see who has the ultimate taste. With six structured rounds of blind tasting, a digital leaderboard and a number of surprising twists, this is tastings reimagined.


Taste wine, beer, whiskey or gin

Match the event to the preferences of your team. Choose either wine, beer or whiskey to find out who has the ultimate taste.

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How Out of the Bottle works

Blind taste 6 beverages

Blind taste a curated flight of 6 wines, beers, gins or whiskeys.

Identify the answers

Answer a series of questions for each round; you’ll earn points depending on how correct you are.

Climb the leaderboard

A live digital leaderboard will show who’s winning and who needs more practice.

Sabotage your competition

Gain an advantage by playing a sabotage on your competition or cashing in a free answer for yourself.

Safe, but unique

Provide a unique experience for your next event that your team will remember for a long time. It’s familiar enough to get everyone engaged but different enough that everyone will be impressed.

Get your team talking and laughing

Provide a structured way to stimulate conversation, laughter and interactivity for your team. These are the key components to forging stronger social bonds throughout the office.

Top shelf professionalism and quality

Your guests will be impressed by the professionalism and quality of the experience. Built on a mixture of charismatic facilitators and seamless technology, the event will be a breeze for you to manage.

Fits perfectly into your event

Out of the Bottle will adapt to your event. No matter if it’s a 3 course dinner, Friday afternoon drinks or a cocktail function, it’s flexible enough to work and work well in any circumstance.

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