5 Things to Ask When Booking a Venue

Having worked with a number of venues ensuring that we are getting the best deal and service for our clients, we have documented 5 questions to ask when booking a venue for your work or private party.

In our experience these are:


1. What’s included in my booking?

Assume nothing, ask everything. Does your venue hire cost include AV, projectors, lighting, music and furniture? If so, make sure you find out exactly what is included. No one likes a hidden expense later down the track.


2. What sort of food and drink can I expect?

Seems obvious but just as venues come in all shapes and sizes, so does the food quality and pricing. Our general rule is, you get what you pay for. Be sure you, your guests, your boss and your colleagues are all aware of the expectations so no one is left disappointed. Some venues will give you a tasting if you ask. If they do not offer this, have a look at the reviews online or ask anyone else who may have used the venue in the past what they thought.


3. Are there any noise restrictions for my party?

Be it your gorgeous 10pm karaoke voices or the rocking band, you’ll want to know in advance if there are any limitations to sound at your chosen venue. Most venues allow for events up until 11pm but be sure to ask before you book.


4. How is bump out managed for my booking?

Generally, venues will do all they can to accommodate your work or private party, but sometimes there are special bump out rules meaning your suppliers need to remove everything that night. If you are bringing in all the styling, lighting and sound yourself, no worries. If you have other suppliers involved, you are going to want to know this up front. Lot’s of suppliers will charge an ‘out of hours collection’ fee.


5. What sort of suppliers can the venue recommend?

The best venues know the best suppliers and they all know the best way to throw the best party. It’s the best! Ok so where are going with this is your venue should be able to recommend you high quality, reliable, reputable suppliers to work with. On top of this, book with venue contacts you genuinely like. You will work closely with them so you want the experience to be fun.