Song of the Day: Daily Team Building

As a company who delivers high quality team building experiences for other teams on a weekly basis, finding little daily moments of unique connection between people is in our blood. But when you live and breathe something like this, doing it for your own team can be really difficult.

To practice what we preach we have had to build in daily, weekly and monthly routines to ensure that our own team is functioning well and are working fluidly towards our common goal.

We started using it to herd our team to our daily team huddle, but it has become a powerful tradition in its own right. So much so that the team members who may not be in the office on a morning ask what the ‘song of the day’ was on our team group chat.

It has become a thread that ties the team together even when dispersed. Furthermore, it is a medium that bridges generational gaps and is universally known.

One of the simplest and most effective routines we have established is now fondly known as ‘Song of the Day’. Each morning we play a chosen song of the day, usually picked by our resident DJ, Giovanna (who commonly jokes that she will be a proper DJ in her next life). It’s always loud, vibrates through the office, induces spontaneous dance moves, often has a positive message (sometimes mood dependent on the DJ) and banging beats.

“The song of the day is something I really look forward to in the morning. It can be quite powerful, if I’m having a low start to the morning it can be an immediate pick me up. In another way, being able to make requests gives us a way to share a bit of who we are with the rest of the team. It is like sharing a piece of who you are, your song choice is innately self-reflective.”
Mandy, Events Co-ordinator

Our lesson: team building comes in many different forms. Putting aside time to connect with your team is vital to ongoing success. Chunky time can sometimes be hard, but if we reassess for a second, there are daily opportunities to build your team if you are creative (we also recommend chunky team building time!)

Share in some of the DoE magic. Here’s a link to our Song of the Day. We try to update this daily, but if not, it’s updated regularly.